General Statement of intent:

The NZBCA is a voluntary organisation responsible for the licensing, training and development of Amateur Boxing Coaches in New Zealand. It is affiliated to Boxing NZ and is aligned to SportNZ guidelines and standards.


The NZBCA have the following  level 1 and level 2 coaching course coming up.

Saturday 3rd August - Sunday 4th August 2019 - Woolston Boxing Club
43 Hargood St, Woolston

Course fees is $100 per coach and is payable at the beginning of the course

Coaches wishing to attend the course need to be financial members of the NZBCA and need to register by email to

Coaches attending will need to bring the following with them to the course

  • A pair of boxing gloves
  • A pair of focus mitts
  • Pen and scrap paper.
  • $100 course fee

Please note the following:
To attend a level 1 course, a year's probationary must be completed.
To attend a level 2 course, 2 years as an active level 1 coach must be completed.



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